It's time to get into position for the biggest economic boom cycle the world has ever seen - growth will come from unanticipated places - at least that's what my crystal ball tells me.  There is going to be a wave of prosperity flowing to all those who allow it - all those who believe that all truly is well.  As is in any phase of history, there will be those who will profit and those who will not.  Are you ready?  Are you in position? Do you understand what you need to do?  I believe that debt is not just an issue for the countries of the world, it is an issue for all of us.  The biggest of changes can start at the bottom and reach up.  We all need to be fiscally responsible and help bring down the burden of debt.  The next time you reach for your credit card, think about whether you can settle the amount you are putting on it in full, or else put it away.  By incurring debt we are spending our tomorrow today.  If you want a tomorrow do what ever you can to eliminate your debt. Every drop contributes to the formation of the ocean.  In the same manner we need to take responsibility for our contribution towards the problems of the world.  Sign up now to put things right, and you will be helping all of us reach the prosperity that we all want.
Coach Z
How does someone who is making nearly $150,000 per year go broke?  I think you really have to try hard.  Sometimes people just don't take action fast enough, it's denial, and by the time reality sinks in, it is usually pretty late in the game.  The worst part about it is that it is so very hard for them to face up to the fact that they are responsible.  Secondly, they don't know who to talk to about it and are embarrassed getting help - they don't really want to tell their friends, so how can they get a referral for someone they can trust?

It's hard, and I've seen it take a huge toll on relationships, but it can be done, and any relationship that can survive this will be stronger and better for it.

If you know of someone who is in this position, advise them to start using cash only for as much of their spending as possible - put away all the credit and debit cards.  Systematic and consistent work can take the problem away.  BTW, my email door is always open and I am willing to help at no cost, no strings attached - I've been through it too, and I am hap
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