Whenever there is uncertainty about the economic future of the economy investors turn to gold as a safe haven and a store of value.  The present day is no different. 
Is the world going to return to the gold standard?  There isn’t enough gold in the world, in the ground or processed for that to happen.  However, that being said the economy is certainly in a state of disease.  The debt game has caught up with it, and there really is no way out of it but to start paying it down.
The problem as I see it is that it is as much a personal responsibility for each individual of the world economy as it is for the governments of the world.  We are not doing our share, but without it the governments can’t really make a difference.
Coming back to the argument about gold.  Certainly, it is a good hedge to be invested in gold for part of your money, if this is wealth you wish to preserve.  If your objective is to obtain an income for life, gold may not be adequate, as it is not an income generating asset.  It can only provide you with capital appreciation, which may not be sufficient.
If the bond market collapse transpires, there will not be any liquidity in the market, so even if you owned gold you will not be able to sell it or transact in it.
I believe that the other asset that will survive economic upheaval is real estate. I recommend having income generating real estate as a necessary part of an investment portfolio.
Given the fact that stock markets move on the basis of emotion rather than logic, there will still be opportunities in the market to make money.  New technologies that are a part of the Industrial Revolution are a good investment, as is energy and healthcare.

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