Unemployment and the economy are shaping up to be the major two issues confronting the whole world in the strive towards increased prosperity. 

Most of the unemployed today are unemployed because:

1.  They lack specific skills needed by  today's employers; what they went to school for is no longer needed in terms of skill sets and qualification.

2.  They have health issues (like drug abuse or psychological problems) that employers shy away from, 

3.  The employment market is inefficient in matching their skills with specific opportunities, and they have been unemployed long enough that that has become a barrier to re-entry

What we need is our universities and educational institutions to be more forward thinking.  If there is no demand for elementary school teachers in Ontario, why for God's sake are new teachers being graduated every year?  Because they are willing to pay the fees to ensure that university professors keep their highly paid jobs and pensions? What about the load on the economy that these newly unemployed graduates are creating - not to mention the low morale.  Is the cost really worth it?

You see our youngsters need to be shown that there are professions other than the ones they have seen their parents, family members and social network engage in.  They need to be shown the future landscape not the job graveyard.

Why do people still aspire to pick up mail routes, when we know that physical mail delivery will soon die out to be replaced by electronic media.  Only packages will need to be delivered and in fact that industry, DHL FedEx, UPS is going to flourish, because mail order over the internet is only going to increase.  Should we be thinking of closing down Canada Post or privatizing it?  Certainly.  I think the the price of the postage stamp includes the fat pensions that postal employees are entitled to, and privatization will make that whole system more efficient.

Do I believe in abolishing defined benefit pensions - no, not at all, but that is different discussion, one that I will bring up on another day.

I think one of the problems of Canada's welfare and unemployment system is that our welfare payments actually afford the unemployed a decent lifestyle, and there is no incentive for them to return to work.  This is the sad truth.  How sad is it when a girl wants to have babies so that she can get the child allowance.  How sad is it that a youth wants to move out of his parent's home so that he can qualify for his own welfare cheque?  Really are these the ideals we want our next generation to embrace?  I think that welfare checks should afford people discomfort so that they are forced to return to work.

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